I want to take this opportunity to let you know of the wonderful dealership we’ve been so proud to associate with here in Washington State: Ferrari/Maserati of Seattle. Tino, Roberto, and Pasquale Perrina are the nicest, most gracious, generous, and dear friends we’ve made in a long time. From the very first time I walked through their doors to just look at the 456 on the showroom floor, they’ve gone out of their way to welcome us to their dealership and let us know in every way imaginable that we are important to them, not just as customer, but as friends. They’ve been there for us when we got a flat tire in the middle of Texas, when one of the wheels fell off the 456 on the highway, or just when a friend’s car wouldn’t start and they talked us through wiggling the right wires in the steering column of his 355 to remedy a fault with a loose wiring loom connector while we were on a trip in the middle of the California desert. The Perrina family and all of their wonderful staff exemplify what a car dealership, or really, any service or sales business ought to be. If there ever comes a time we decide we can’t drive, we’ll go to them to buy our walkers or golf cart.

Eric H

My 3 years of dealing with Ferrari of Seattle have been outstanding. 2 used and 1 new purchases. Service also great. Good people.

Kurt C

Ferrari of Seattle has the most professional management and staff of any dealership I have ever dealt with. I have purchased many cars from many brands but Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle have changed the way I look at what my car experience should be. From top to bottom their attention to detail and their integrity is incredible. Every car dealership should look to Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle as the benchmark In the industry.

Miklos K

The Perrina family, who own and operate Ferrari and Maserati of Seattle, do an all around outstanding job representing Ferrari and Maserati...including service! This is one of the very best dealerships in the country.

Bill B

You and your staff did an excellent job of representing the car accurately online and in emails and in assisting me and my bank with the financial aspect of things. Thanks again for making this a very smooth negotiation and purchase and for the delivery ahead of the critical delivery date. My only regret is that I could not come up to Seattle to enjoy your cool weather and the car for a weekend before you shipped it to me. You guys are excellent representatives of the Maserati/Ferrari brand and the manufacturer should be very pleased with the customer service you provide.

Paun P