The Quattroporte Sport GT S is the most exciting combination of luxury sedan and performance sports car that Maserati has ever produced.

The design of the new Quattroporte Sport GT S has a sporty emphasis, yet does not compromise on the style and elegance that have always epitomised Maserati's flagship model.

The designers at Pininfarina have succeeded in their aim of giving the car a sportier edge whilst preserving the integrity of the original design. The new grille is the most obvious exterior change. It is now wider and has vertical slats that echo the GranTurismo, whilst its black finish maintains the original styling cues.

The deeper set grille is fitted to the front bumper, and is framed by the new fog lights and air intakes that have been enlarged to cope with the more powerful engine. The combination of the redesigned bumper and the new grille bestow the front end of the car with an immediate visual impact. The front light cluster has also been redesigned and features a titanium finish. This underlines the more aggressive Quattroporte Sport GT S, a feeling reinforced by its xenon headlights and LED indicators.

Turning to the bodywork, the sweeping wing mirrors are more aerodynamic. The shape of the body below the doors lends the new model a more \purposeful look. In profile, you can appreciate the car's lowered stance: 10 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear. These few millimetres make all the difference. The car appears poised as if on the starting blocks, ready for action with its racier set-up perfectly complementing the new 440 bhp power unit. The car exudes speed even when it is stationary.

The Quattroporte Sport GT S comes with two new types of 20" wheel rim: Multi Trident rims in light aluminium alloy as an option and seven-spoke light alloy rims that have undergone the 'Dark Chrome' treatment.